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"The Blowout" Alabama Football Framed Print by Daniel Moore

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"The Blowout"

Featuring Alabama's 2008 beatdown of Auburn in the Iron Bowl.

Image size: 8" x 10"
Total frame size:  14"x 16"
Hand signed by Daniel Moore


Included in this high quality display:

  • Precision cut and assembled 14" x 16" solid wood cherry frame.
  • Computerized cut crimson mat (prints with coins will be double matted).
  • Premium clear glass.
  • Back of frame sealed with a dust cover.
  • Gold hanger on the back so it's ready to hang.
  • 8" x 10" high quality print by Daniel Moore.
  • 100% replacement shipping insurance.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

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More about this print:

The Logo:

The circular "Alabama Crimson Tide" logo is used to represent the unseen force behind the "explosion" occurring in the painting.  Indeed, the blocking by Smith and Caldwell was explosive, but it was the power of the entire Alabama Crimson Tide team that created, and should be credited for, the 2008 blowout against Auburn.

The Word "Alabama:

The positioning of the word "Alabama" at the top of the painting symbolizes the team's position in the game, as well as in the series...on top.

The Seven Fingers:

Mr. Moore has purposefully shown seven fingers of Auburn player #17 to be a reference to Coach Tuberville's wishfully prophetic seven-finger gesture prior to the game.  Conversely, he has shown Caldwell, as a representative of the entire Alabama nation, thouroughly rejecting that notion.

The Letter "V"

The letter "V" has long been recognized as the symbol for "Victory."  Mr. Moore has designed the figures of Caldwell and Smith to form a "V" by which to carry this message. "The Blowout"

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